I'm back!

It's been still for long at this blog. Too long. Cyclo Racing was my first experiment in blogging. I liked and still like, to write. But by blogging about bicycle racing, I wasn't able to bring any news as there are many good sites and blogs about this topic. So I stopped running behind those guys.

Last year, I started a new blog, Pete's Corner. Here I post my thoughts about topics which interests me, like non-fiction books, business, history, lifehacking, open source software and travel. And I love it!

Besides writing, I kept cycling. After years on racing bikes, I bought a recumbent. I choose an Optima Orca, which has a short wheel base (SWB), rear wheel drive (RWD), dual 26" wheels and above steering. It's very comfortable to drive.

Along with the Orca, I rode several World Randonneur Brevets (WRB's). It's a sport I like: I'm in the outdoors, enjoy the scenery, get my workout and meet interesting people. So, I'll change direction on this blog by writing about bikes and cycling in general. I hope you'll enjoy it! Don't hesistate to comment or drop me a line.

Keep on cycling!

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