Recumbent: Frame

After choosing a design and selecting materials, I'm ready to start building the bike. The plans are excellent as they contain (technical) drawings, a shopping list, building instructions, some templates and pictures. First of all, I went shopping. I bought wood and aluminium.

I'll construct the frame of three layers of birch plywood (for the strenght) plus two layers of whitewood (the 'filling'). The'll be expoxied intermittent. First of all, I made a paper template.

Thereafter I cut the whitewood. To save weight I cut some holes so the frame will be - more ore less - hollow.

Next step was cuting the plywood and epoxying the layers together. I started to attach the mid three layers: whitewood (18 mm) - plywood (5,5 mm) - whitewood (again 18 mm).

Working with epoxy was new to me. However, everything went well. One has to wear gloves and a mask which is a bit uneasy. I worked carefully to prevent spoiling the glue on clothes, the work-bench, etc. Next step was attaching the outer (plywood) layers (each 3.0 mm) to the frame.

After the frame, I'll create a wooden rearfork.

Keep on cycling!

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