Recumbent: rear brake

It's quite a time ago, I updated this blog. Well, I've been busy with other things. Since spring I'm a board member of the Dutch Association for Human Powered Vehicles (NVHPV).

But during these holidays, I started working on my lowracer recumbent bike. As you may remember, the headset was mounted. Today I fitted the rear brake. I got both the Shimano Deore V-brake and a Tioga booster for free from Mossink!

First of all, I created the alumuniulm clamps. The edges aren't perfect but these won't be visible riding the bike.

Thereafter, I fitted the hinges and ...

... dry fitted the brake, booster and clamps combo.

The hinges didn't fit exactly to the booster. So I had to file which wasn't that difficult. Using epoxy and screws, I assembled the clamps to the frame, ...

  ... mounted the booster and ...

... attached the rear brake itself.

Along with the rear wheel, it starts looking a recumbent bike.

Next step will be to mount the rear wheel.

Keep on cycling!

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